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Advertising Services That We Offer in Lucknow

Outdoor Advertising

We deal in hoardings, Unipoles, LED Unipoles, Bus Shelters, Police Booths, Pole kiosks, Airport & Railway Station (Indoor & Outdoor) media.

Signage Solutions

We providesignages from the starting varieties like delivery of Dealer boards, Glowsign, Retro/Radium boards to Acrylic LED Boards, Crystal LED & Steel Cut letters boards which are much in vogue. Apart from above customized boards are also provided as per the need & requirement of our clients.


Starting from the different range of flex printing, Glowsign (backlit) flex printing Vinyl One Way Vision Transparent Vinyl Printing on flags. Etc….

Promotion & Exhibition

In this we promote our client’s brand by providing : -

  • Mobile LED VANS
  • NORMAL DISPLAY VANS – with or without promoters
  • Road Shows – different planned activities are carried out

Stall fabrication is also a part of this head only in which we fabricate/design Stalls in Mahotsav, Trade Fairs, Expos etc.

Radio AdvertisEmenT

We advertisers have been working for different Radio Stations and so they offer attractive packages like free TAGS, IN ASSOCIATION WITH ……. etc to us which we forward to our clients. We deal for radio advertisement on PAN INDIA basis and can avail spots on air on different stations covering cities as per your choice.

Newspaper AdvertisEment

We book newspaper ads in all leading newspapers of any city on PAN INDIA basis.

Project Launch

In this the client budget and need is firstly discussed and then work is executed by us to give full medians of advertisement on a package format so our overall skills can be given for a focused marketing and branding to a particular product during that point of time. Searching for different innovative ideas and working on them is also done by us to bring out the result to our clients.

Event Management

We have successfully managed Project launch parties as well as carried out Cultural activities for Cultural Department of Uttar Pradesh State Government. Marriage parties, Birthday or any type of function can be reliably managed by our team from Hospitality background.

Fabrication Factory

We have a wide range of skilled and experienced fabricators who are professionalism : -

  • LED Unipole fabricatio
  • Normal Unipole fabrication (of sizes – 30’x15’,40’x20’, 40’x30’) or any other size of your choice upto height of 100 feets from ground level.
  • Project Site hoardings
  • Welcome Hoardings
  • Customized displays

As we have our own set up so our staff is also engaged as petty contractors for few of our competitive vendors too.

Construction & Interior Designing

As a passion and being our professional’s experience from giant real estate corporates we deal in : -

  • Tiles pilling on walls and floors
  • Aluminium Sections work
  • In Interior designing we show 3D picture image to our clients along with the costing and accordingly we customize the need for our customers. We also provide site visits on our earlier completed projects so our quality work can be observed by our perspective clients.